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These specially designed sea shells have different tactile surfaces and come in 3 sizes. They are made from natural Fibre Particulate Composite (FPC), an agricultural waste product from rice stems and rice husks. Children will love to touch and feel these shells, describing the differences and similarities. Also ideal for teaching early number concepts, such as sorting, matching, comparing, sequencing, patterning, and counting.

The set contains 36 tactile shells, 2 of each in 6 different tactile finishes and 3 sizes.

FPC* has the following ecological benefits:
• Breaks down in the environment
• Zero pollution - reduced energy and water usage in the manufacture

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Maths - counting & sorting
• Understanding the World - observation
• Personal Development - sensory
• Communication & Language - descriptive language

* FPC is a plant-based product that biodegrades in soil into minute particles that are not harmful to animal life.

Sizes: 40mm, 47mm, and 54mm. Pk36.

Age: Suitable from 18 months.


CE Certified


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