Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja
Kekoa Sundbleyja

Kekoa Sundbleyja

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Fjölnota sundbleyjurnar frá Kekoa koma í einni stærð sem passa frá 4-19 kg. Smellur eru bæði að framan og á hliðunum til að minnka og stækka bleyjuna eftir þörfum. Breiðu og mjúku teygjurnar við lærin og um mittið er ekki eingöngu fyrir þægindi barnsins heldur komar þær í veg fyrir að 💩 fari á flakk. Innra lag bleyjunnar er úr CoolMax® performance moisture wicking technology (AWJ).

Einstaklega vel hönnuð bleyja sem vex með barninu þínu úr endurunnu efni, frábær vara sem hentar öllum jafnvel þótt það notir ekki taubleyjur.

Ytra efni er úr PUL, gert úr 100% endurunnum plastflöskum, sem hjálpar til við að draga úr framleiðsluorku um 75% og vatnsnotkun um 90% (samanborið við pólýesterefni). Hver bleyja sparar um það bil sex plastflöskur úr sjónum okkar og urðun.


Inniheldur 1 sundbleyjuskel (án rakadrægni)

Hentar frá 4-19kg

Hannað í Wanaka, Nýja Sjáland.


Kekoa’s consciously designed trim nappy with bilayer technology is eco-luxury at its finest. Pairing simple innovation with elegance they are not only practical and functional, but beautifully luxurious.


Bilayer technology enables even the largest of hands to seamlessly stuff pockets with no additional grip, whilst also protecting the laminate lining.


Functional as both a pocket nappy and snap-in (all-in-two or hybrid), with a uniquely designed anchor system to help keep inserts in place.

Dual back elastic for superior containment – functioning like a back internal gusset. Additional barrier making clean up easier by protecting hands during insert removal.


CoolMax® performance moisture wicking technology sits directly against your baby’s delicate skin, providing superior dryness, and is the easiest internal fabric to clean.

Plush leg elastics for superior softness.

Original four-way flexible wings for easier fit and greater freedom to move.


High-density bamboo terry inserts provide superior absorption without bulk at all stages of nappy wearing. Soft and flexible, they move with your baby to help avoid leaks.


All of this wrapped in STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® protection so you know what touches your baby goes beyond many of the national and international requirements for chemical safety (our fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified).

One size fits most (OSFM)

  • 1 premium nappy shell
  • 1 larger size bamboo terry (6 layers)
  • 1 smaller bamboo terry bifold/trifold (6/9 layers)

Suitable for approximately 3-19kg

Designed in Wanaka, New Zealand.


Due to the nature of the fabric in our flexible wings, we recommend hand washing your nappy shells with like colours (i.e. reds together, darks together) until the water runs clear. This helps prevent colour run which can occur occasionally due to excess dye in the manufacturing process.


Kekoa recommends following the Clean Cloth Nappies guidelines for washing. This helps prevent ammonia and mould build up in your nappies by warm and hot washing with appropriate detergent.

Below are the basics to get you started.

There is no need to soak your nappies, just remove wet inserts and dry pail (container with lots of holes to allow air flow i.e a basket)

If you’re washing your nappies with other hook and loop/velcro nappies we recommend adding Kekoa nappies to a laundry bag. This helps prevent the lightweight internal fabric and stretch tabs from early damage.


  1. Once nappy is removed, there is no need to wash poos off the nappy – just remove inserts from their shell and place all in a well vented “dirty” dry pail
  1. Flick as much solid poo into the toilet as possible, this is often hard when starting on solids and poos are still soft
  2. Remove inserts from their shell and place into your well vented “dirty” dry pail. Removing these before rinsing (if possible) helps keep things cleaner by not having water sodden inserts sitting in your basket.
  3. Rinse your shell using toilet water when flushing, a sprayer attached to your toilet or your laundry tap to remove any extra (it doesn’t have to be perfect). Avoid harsh scrubbing brushes, silicone is fine. We have found old school rubbing the fabric together under running water works great!
  4. Place shell in your “dirty” dry pail


  1. Follow the dry pail method mentioned previously (rinsing once nappy removed)
  2. Hand wash your one or two nappies each day in whitener free detergent and the hottest water you can handle (rinse poop off first if needed, then hand wash)
  3. Rinse clean and squeeze out excess water. Drape to let air out
  4. Add hand washed nappies to your regular wash daily or every 2-3 days as you do a load
  5. Hang shells to dry; inserts can be hung or put in the dryer

Note: This method can seem more time consuming but it's not forever! It usually won't take long before you're loving cloth nappies and that's where the dedicated short and long washes below become easier and more of a "routine".

  1. Once a day wash all your dirty nappies on a short cycle (30-60min) at 40-60 degrees C (104-140F) using ½ cap or scoop of approved laundry liquid or powder (whitener/bleach free)
  2. Remove nappies and place damp in a second well vented “prewashed” dry pail
  3. Add each day’s prewash to the same dry pail until you have enough for a full wash (2-4 days usually)

Note: This prewash is not the prewash function on your machine. You want a separate wash cycle that completely removes all water before doing a full wash. Confusing I know!


When you have enough nappies to completely fill your washing machine give your nappies a long wash (equates to roughly 3/4 full when wet). This is usually 3 or 4 days worth of prewashed nappies.

On the last main day wash you'll do two loads, a prewash on the previous days nappies followed by a main wash with all the other prewashed nappies.

If you don’t have enough, but you're at 3 or 4 days worth of prewashed nappies, you can bulk up your load with small items like baby clothes, wash cloth, spittle cloths or hand towels. Just be sure they’re not dark/new items as the colour can run and stain your natural bamboo fabrics.

  1. Use 1 cap or scoop of approved liquid or powder (whitener/bleach free)
  2. Use a long cycle (2.5hrs+) at 40-60 degrees C (104-140F)
  3. When complete, hang all items out to dry or you may choose to put your inserts in the drier. We do not recommend adding your shells to the drier as they have a PUL coating inside which doesn’t enjoy heat.


40°C (104F) wash recommended (60°C max, 140F)

No bleach, whiteners, vinegar, fabric softeners, or caustic products

Avoid sharp objects such as velcro/hook&loop - consider using a wash bag

Line dry in shade

PUL, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, helps reduce manufacturing energy by 75% and water consumption by 90% (when compared to virgin polyester fabric). Each nappy saves approximately six plastic bottles from our oceans and landfill.

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